"Judge me not by the paths which brought me here… judge me by where I'm headed!"

I am... a father, a grandfather, a poet and an artist, a skier a runner, a backpacker and a snowshoer. I am mystified by the magnificence found in the chaos that is the universe, and revere the beautiful symphony of wind, water and pine played out daily in the high Sierra. I am possessed with the need to know, to even grasp the minutest of understanding of what was before the Big Bang and why are we here.  Eclectic, in the purest sense of the definition, with diversely diametric desires for this life, you will find me, with my love, Marianne wandering the mountains in search of the beauty and tranquility life offers, or flying down the same mountains on skis or snowboards seeking vast amounts of adrenaline… I am a grateful and lucky man.

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